Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2nd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2011, Johannesburg, July 2011 - Your Information on Pre and Post Conference Workshops

 Pre-Conference Workshop 19 July 2011
“Claims, Risks and Dispute Prevention Management in Gas & LNG Projects”

Workshop Leader: Dr S N Ebrahimi
Ex-Director of Legal & Contractual Affairs PEDEC/NIOC
Professor of Oil and Gas Laws & Contracts Tehran University

Workshop Outline
§         Definition of Risks, Claims and Disputes
§         Elements of Risks in Gas & LNG Contracts
§         Types, Elements, Reasons and Causes for Disputes and Claims in Gas & LNG Contracts
§         TEFCEL Issues on Risks, Claims and Disputes Management in Gas & LNG Contracts
§    Documentation, Communication and Administration of Risks, Claims and Disputes in Gas & LNG Contracts
§         Risks, Claims and Disputes Prevention Mechanisms in Gas & LNG Contracts
§         Effects of Risks, Conflicts, Disputes and Claims in Gas & LNG Contracts
§         Principles and Procedures for the Disputes Settlements Gas & LNG Contracts
§         Methods and Steps to Deal with Risks, Claims and Disputes in Gas & LNG Contracts
§         Counter-Claims versus Claims in Gas & LNG Contracts
§         Mechanisms of Disputes Resolution:
o Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR)
o Semi-Litigation
o Litigation

Post Conference Workshop 22 July 2011
“Commercial Overview of the LNG Business”

Workshop Leader: Malcolm Johnson
Director, eMJay LNG Limited

Workshop Outline
LNG Markets/Trade
An overview of the development of the LNG market and the regional market trends. The evolution of short term trading and the implications for market development.
  • LNG market summary
  • Regional market features
  • Main trading routes
  • Impact of globalisation
  • Short term versus long term trading
Commercial requirements of LNG Project Development
An outline of the integrated nature of LNG projects, in particular the need for commercial co-ordination during the various project phases an the long term nature of the commitments.
  • Stakeholders requirements
  • LNG project phases
  • Timescales involved

LNG Contractual Issues
An overview of how LNG projects are structured and the implications for the commercial arrangements. Focus will be on the LNG Supply Purchase Agreement and its importance.
  • Commercial Structures
  • Agreements in an LNG project
  • The LNG supply/ purchase Agreements
  • Financing
  • Risks 

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