Friday, June 15, 2012

Event Announcement: Drafting, Negotiating, Re-Negotiating Mining Agreements


Trends and perspectives on the development of mineral resources in many African nations have varied substantially over the last fifty years.  In some cases this had led to a review, and potentially a re-negotiation of, mining agreements that were originally intended to survive for extended durations.  Understanding the divergence of objectives and the relative negotiating leverage of each party, whether discussing a new contract or re-negotiating an existing contract, can help to avoid common pitfalls and frustrating delays.

The workshop will cover traditional dispute resolution and termination provisions, but will focus on practical realities and identify contractual mechanisms to avoid situations where the only remedy is to arbitrate or terminate. 

The workshop will cover basic concepts of contract law with a view towards identifying and managing risk, maximizing profits, adapting to changing circumstances and resolving disagreements.

Delegates will consider these issues in the context of typical contracts used in the mining industry and particularly contracts that are intended to endure over long periods, such as joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements and long-term product sale agreements.

Delegates will follow the contract cycle from negotiation through drafting and execution of the contract, implementation of the agreement, default, disputes and termination or expiration of the contract.

About your World-Class Trainer
The trainer’s practice focuses on government affairs, project finance and infrastructure development in emerging markets with a focus on Africa and South Asia. She also has experience representing clients in connection with mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, financings, joint ventures and strategic alliances, including negotiating, documenting and structuring contracts for mining projects, power generation projects, and oil refineries.

Registration is still open for the upcoming “Drafting, Negotiating, Re-Negotiating Mining Agreementstaking place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 30 July to 01 August 2012.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Event Announcement: Principles of & Procedures for Negotiating, Drafting and Managing Oil & Gas Contracts


Due to the new trends in the contemporary Oil & Gas industry, particularly in the complicated upstream & offshore projects and as a result of the dynamic changes experienced nowadays in the relationship between different players in the industry such as International Oil Companies / National Oil Companies /Service Oil Companies, varieties of cooperate formula such as Joint Venture, Public Private Partnership, Purchase Agreement, Joint Operating Agreement, Alliances, and Consortium as well as different models of contracts such as EC, EP, EPC, BOT, GC, MC, PSC, TSA, PSAC, concession and service contracts have been introduced and/or optimized in the nowadays Oil & Gas industry.

To manage the new dynamic Oil & Gas industry, it is not sufficient just to manage the Oil & Gas project but a duty of care and great considerations should also be granted to the concerned Oil & Gas contract(s). That’s why nowadays the Oil & Gas contract management becomes as prominently important as the project management. However, this unruly horse of Oil & Gas contract cannot be administered or controlled on a partial basis or timely manner without having a proper vision and mission for its lifecycle and chain of activities commencing from feasibility study to negotiation, conclusion, execution and close out of the Oil & Gas Contracts. Without being engaged in the strategic and tactical issues of industry Oil & Gas contracts, and without implementing a long term A-Z comprehensive Oil & Gas contract management plan, every efforts of the conventional approach of project management will be regretfully destined to the total failure.

The aim of this course is to achieve the above mentioned purposes through comprehensive TEFCEL* Strategic Management. The course leader Dr Ebrahimi shall assure that inputs and outputs of the professionalism resulted from the outside Oil & Gas world; driven from the actual experiences and practices; based upon the true knowledge and fact finding cases; and illustrated from varieties of cases encountered in the Oil & Gas industry, will be relayed to the Workshop’s participants, making sure everyone will be ultimately satisfied acquiring handful of new thoughts and knowledge that could change his/her own Oil & Gas industry.

* TEFCEL stands for Technical, Economic, Financial, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental and Legal. The concept of TEFCEL has been introduced and developed by Dr Ebrahimi since 2005 and is considered to be his Doctrine ever since.

This program will be led by Dr. S N Ebrahimi, Ex-Director of Legal & Contractual Affairs, PEDEC/NIOC and Professor of Oil and Gas Laws & Contracts, Tehran University.

Registration is still open for the upcoming “Principles of & Procedures for Negotiating, Drafting and Managing Oil & Gas Contractstaking place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 23 to 26 July 2012.

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Event Announcement: Rolling Forecasts, Budgeting & Performance Measurement Master Class


For organizations operating in a world of continuous change, traditional budgeting has become out of date. Today, managers are turning to rolling forecasts to inspire and lead their organisations to superior performance.

Rolling forecasts offer greater visibility into future operating performance. Unlike budgets, they reflect the fact that operations don’t switch off at year-end. Making good business projections isn’t as hard as it sounds. Implemented correctly, rolling forecasting can be the single most valuable tool for identifying where changes need to be made in order to maximize profitability and minimize losses. Well-established forecasting techniques can take some of the guesswork out of operational decision making and put the focus back on optimizing profitability, rather than putting out fires.

This high value practical workshop will:
  • Illustrate the principles of business planning and rolling forecasts with examples and case studies drawn from a variety of industries
  • Identify the process for implementing rolling forecasts in your business
  • Equip you with the best practice techniques for designing an integrated business planning and rolling forecast process
  • Highlight how management can use rolling forecast information to improve existing performance analysis processes

About your World-Class Trainer
He is a visiting lecturer and program director at the Graduate School of Business at the University of the Witwatersrand, a top Africa business school. He has also run courses for the Manchester Business School and Henley Management College in UK, and other business schools in Africa. He previously lectured for many years on the Continuing Professional Education programme of the Institutes of Chartered Accountants in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, and was a keynote speaker at the International Congress of Accountants in Africa in 2008. His book on rolling forecasts is used by organisations in the USA, the UK, Mexico, Holland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Africa.

Registration is still open for the upcoming “Rolling Forecasts, Budgeting & Performance Measurement Master Classtaking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 17 to 19 July 2012.

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Event Announcement: Master Class on Successful Strategy Execution Supported by the Balanced Scorecard


Traditionally, the business world has failed in strategy execution. But in more recent times the application of the Balanced Scorecard combined with the disciplines such as Change Management, Accountability, Communication and a Performance Culture have had major positive impact.

This unique programme combines the methodology of developing Balanced Scorecards throughout an organisation with the challenges of effective management usage, combined with the wider disciplines of strategy execution. The underlying theme is the careful selection and usage of Strategic Performance Measures at the heart of the Balanced Scorecard. The course combines a mixture of presentations, discussions and hands-on exercises (from which attendees will be expected to present their outcome to the course as a whole).

Course Highlights
  • Identify the current challenges in implementing strategy by learning how to undertake relevant strategic analysis prior to establishing a future business strategy
  • Understand the importance of setting flexible and explicit objectives to provide clear direction for your organisation
  • Develop realistic and competitive strategies that will enable your organisation to achieve its chosen objectives
  • Manage the “softer” issues of communication, buy-in and willingness to change – factors that are crucial to successful strategy execution

About your World-Class Trainer
Alan Fell is a highly experienced specialist in corporate performance management having spent more than thirty years involved in a wide range of performance management disciplines – both in policy formulation and practical application roles and more recently as a consultant and trainer. Alan’s experiences covers an extensive range of management disciplines from strategic  planning and execution, through the Balanced Scorecard, to a range of financial management subjects, especially cost management. Alan brings a highly pragmatic style and approach to the whole subject of Making Strategy Happen: the challenges of successful strategy execution.

Registration is still open for the upcoming “Master Class on Successful Strategy Execution Supported by the Balanced Scorecardtaking place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 23 to 26 July 2012.

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Event Announcement: Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts

SINGAPORE | 02 TO 05 JULY 2012

Effective training in today’s global gas and LNG market has become an essential need for relevant executives in both the public and private sectors. The worldwide market in Pipeline Gas and LNG has grown rapidly as result of demand and deregulation, bringing tremendous business opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders including government entities, producers, sellers, transporters and buyers etc. High contract value, complicated commercial terms, volatile prices, cultural differences and many other unpredicted risks have made contract negotiating, dispute resolution and risk management more and more challenging.

In response to such industry dynamics, Neoedge is bringing back “Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts” which will be held in Singapore from 02 to 05 July 2012. This advanced course provides practical and detailed training, in workshop format, and provides effective guidance in the critical considerations and conditions for successfully concluding Gas and LNG Sales Agreements. The course will enable participants to gain an insight into the way in which Buyers and Sellers view and negotiate Gas and LNG Sales Agreements, and will give participants a detailed understanding of the terms that are important in these transactions.

The course goes on to examine the inherent risks in a Gas or LNG Project, and how these risks are addressed within the Gas and LNG Sales Agreement. Risk assessment is a complex issue, and this course examines it from a commercial perspective, looking at the project structure and identifying how the commercial terms deal with risk in a satisfactory manner.

It will be led by Mr Anthony Way, Director and Managing Partner of The Energy Contract Company, an international consultancy to the deregulated energy industry. In this role, he has worked extensively as advisor to several major oil and gas companies and on a large number of energy projects worldwide. In his 30 years experience in the industry, he has led the negotiation of more than fifteen gas/LNG sale and purchase agreements in Asia, Europe and Africa and been involved, with a senior role, in many project financings.

Registration is still open for the upcoming “Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts" taking place in Singapore from 02 to 05 July 2012.

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Event Announcement: Flow Assurance Management


Flow assurance has been recognized by many operators as a critical technical activity, present in all the phases of planning, project execution, operation, and production surveillance of deep water developments.

Competency in flow assurance is critical to companies that get involved in oil and gas development in deep water. Current and future developments in deep water challenge the industry to progress flow assurance technologies to enable successful and profitable development of an ever increasing portfolio of oil and gas accumulations in both deepwater and ultra-deep water around the world.

The following key themes will be addressed in depth with Real Examples and Case Studies:
• Principles of Oil & Gas Processing and Flow Assurance Principles
• Fluid Composition and PVT
• Thermal Management Strategy
• Flow Assurance Challenges
• Multiphase Flow Behavior - Slugging
• Transient Operation
• Pipeline Integrity Management in consideration of Flow Assurance
• Solids deposition: Hydrates and Wax
• Management of Field Operation
• Subsea Processing Technologies to improve Oil & Gas Recovery
• Flow Assurance through the project life-cycle
• COLD flow
• Flow Assurance Technology and use of appropriate tools
• Case studies on various design methodology and managing field operations of Oil & Gas field development

Presented by Internationally Renowned Expert

The trainer has 33 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. His interests lie in thermal and hydraulic management of multiphase transportation systems, the development of long distance deepwater subsea tieback solutions including Subsea Processing and the economic development of marginal fields. He have consulted various field development projects in Asia and have worked on some of the most critical deepwater and ultra deepwater field developments in Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Europe.

Registration is still open for the upcoming "FlowAssurance Management" taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 02 to 04 July 2012.

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