Friday, November 04, 2011

Event Announcement: Human Capital and Talent Management in Oil & Gas


Applying HR Best Practices and Established Techniques within the Oil and Gas Industry
February 13-16 2012
JohannesburgSouth Africa

While the global economic slowdown may have had an effect on the War for Talent, the issue is still critical to the Oil and Gas sector in Africa due to competitive market for talent and lack of skilled candidates and employees in the sector. Combined with the problem of an aging workforce in Oil and Gas organisations globally, the historic lack of investment in skills and problems with attracting the best and the brightest into the sector is a major issue for organisations that must begin to be addressed now.

This 4 day workshop is designed to help organisations address these issues by exploring both the Human Capital and Talent Management Strategies required in the context of Oil and Gas organisations’ Business Strategy in Africa, and most importantly, help them develop a practical action plan for the development and implementation of a Human Capital and Talent Management Program for your organisation.

The workshop will have a practical rather than theoretical base as extensive use will be made of research and case studies to illustrate practical examples of the development and implementation of Talent Management programs. It will highlight how these best practices can be modified and applied to the specific context of the participants’ organisations in the context of Oil and Gas in Africa.

Key Benefits

After attending this course, the participants will be able to:
·         RECOGNIZE key human capital and talent management issues impacting on oil and gas industry globally and specifically in Africa
·         IDENTIFY key elements of strategic HR planning and create an outline for Strategic HR plan
·         DEVELOP a Balanced Scorecard
·         UNDERSTAND the principles, purposes and practice of job analysis
·         ESTABLISH your organization’s job description template and a competency framework
·         LEARN how to conduct assessment and development activities
·         ALIGN training and development strategies to your organisations business strategy and culture
·         IMPROVE the strategy and practical action plans for a human capital and talent management program within your organisation
·         DISCOVER effective strategies and techniques that could your organization attract, develop, engage and retain your talents

Who Should Attend          

This workshop is suitable for CEOs, Managing Directors, HR Directors, VPs, Managers, Team Leaders, and Supervisors who:
·         are working in the Africa region in the oil and gas sector who wish to understand the role of talent management in human capital
·         are working in human resources in the oil and gas sector who wish to harness their knowledge and capabilities
·         are involved in HR activities, such as recruitment and selection
·         who have responsibility for decision making at operational, tactical and strategic level in HR or support individuals who needs an understanding of human capital and talent management to inform their role

For Enquiries on the Agenda and Registration, please contact: Eugene Azucena, Marketing Manager – ENERGY AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA
Phone: +65 6557 9185