Thursday, June 14, 2012

Event Announcement: Flow Assurance Management


Flow assurance has been recognized by many operators as a critical technical activity, present in all the phases of planning, project execution, operation, and production surveillance of deep water developments.

Competency in flow assurance is critical to companies that get involved in oil and gas development in deep water. Current and future developments in deep water challenge the industry to progress flow assurance technologies to enable successful and profitable development of an ever increasing portfolio of oil and gas accumulations in both deepwater and ultra-deep water around the world.

The following key themes will be addressed in depth with Real Examples and Case Studies:
• Principles of Oil & Gas Processing and Flow Assurance Principles
• Fluid Composition and PVT
• Thermal Management Strategy
• Flow Assurance Challenges
• Multiphase Flow Behavior - Slugging
• Transient Operation
• Pipeline Integrity Management in consideration of Flow Assurance
• Solids deposition: Hydrates and Wax
• Management of Field Operation
• Subsea Processing Technologies to improve Oil & Gas Recovery
• Flow Assurance through the project life-cycle
• COLD flow
• Flow Assurance Technology and use of appropriate tools
• Case studies on various design methodology and managing field operations of Oil & Gas field development

Presented by Internationally Renowned Expert

The trainer has 33 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. His interests lie in thermal and hydraulic management of multiphase transportation systems, the development of long distance deepwater subsea tieback solutions including Subsea Processing and the economic development of marginal fields. He have consulted various field development projects in Asia and have worked on some of the most critical deepwater and ultra deepwater field developments in Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Europe.

Registration is still open for the upcoming "FlowAssurance Management" taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 02 to 04 July 2012.

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