Thursday, June 14, 2012

Event Announcement: Principles of & Procedures for Negotiating, Drafting and Managing Oil & Gas Contracts


Due to the new trends in the contemporary Oil & Gas industry, particularly in the complicated upstream & offshore projects and as a result of the dynamic changes experienced nowadays in the relationship between different players in the industry such as International Oil Companies / National Oil Companies /Service Oil Companies, varieties of cooperate formula such as Joint Venture, Public Private Partnership, Purchase Agreement, Joint Operating Agreement, Alliances, and Consortium as well as different models of contracts such as EC, EP, EPC, BOT, GC, MC, PSC, TSA, PSAC, concession and service contracts have been introduced and/or optimized in the nowadays Oil & Gas industry.

To manage the new dynamic Oil & Gas industry, it is not sufficient just to manage the Oil & Gas project but a duty of care and great considerations should also be granted to the concerned Oil & Gas contract(s). That’s why nowadays the Oil & Gas contract management becomes as prominently important as the project management. However, this unruly horse of Oil & Gas contract cannot be administered or controlled on a partial basis or timely manner without having a proper vision and mission for its lifecycle and chain of activities commencing from feasibility study to negotiation, conclusion, execution and close out of the Oil & Gas Contracts. Without being engaged in the strategic and tactical issues of industry Oil & Gas contracts, and without implementing a long term A-Z comprehensive Oil & Gas contract management plan, every efforts of the conventional approach of project management will be regretfully destined to the total failure.

The aim of this course is to achieve the above mentioned purposes through comprehensive TEFCEL* Strategic Management. The course leader Dr Ebrahimi shall assure that inputs and outputs of the professionalism resulted from the outside Oil & Gas world; driven from the actual experiences and practices; based upon the true knowledge and fact finding cases; and illustrated from varieties of cases encountered in the Oil & Gas industry, will be relayed to the Workshop’s participants, making sure everyone will be ultimately satisfied acquiring handful of new thoughts and knowledge that could change his/her own Oil & Gas industry.

* TEFCEL stands for Technical, Economic, Financial, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental and Legal. The concept of TEFCEL has been introduced and developed by Dr Ebrahimi since 2005 and is considered to be his Doctrine ever since.

This program will be led by Dr. S N Ebrahimi, Ex-Director of Legal & Contractual Affairs, PEDEC/NIOC and Professor of Oil and Gas Laws & Contracts, Tehran University.

Registration is still open for the upcoming “Principles of & Procedures for Negotiating, Drafting and Managing Oil & Gas Contractstaking place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 23 to 26 July 2012.

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