Friday, February 18, 2011

Neoedge Energy announces the rollout of this year’s Global Offshore LNG Summit in Dubai

Singapore, Singapore 18 February 2011 - Energy Edge Consultants lead by David Lee, Neoedge Business Development Manager for Energy Global – Offshore LNG, today announces the upcoming Global Offshore LNG Summit, a conference dedicated to organisations already doing and those exploring the untapped growth revenues from floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG). A well researched agenda for the oil and gas sector is in store especially to those who are still yet to gain profits from this emerging technology.

Neoedge Energy has been providing business solutions through effective networking events for the energy industry and has worked with established and aspiring companies to face business and strategic issues and helped in making key decisions affecting top-line growth to a number of companies. Global Offshore LNG Summit 2011 will be hosted from 23rd – 26th May in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Experienced Conference Producer of Oil & Gas Summits for Neoedge Energy, Rekha Kaur, said that many countries are now discovering the possibilities and many organisations globally are now opting for FLNG as a way to get ahead of the game as well as a way to expand business ventures and opportunities. “The birth of this summit is timely, given the revolution of offshore technologies. Gas shortage will be a problem of the past and offshore activities in terms of floating natural gas liquefaction and regasification vessel will offer great business opportunities to global oil and gas organizations.”, she added.

One of the summit’s aim is to impart expert advice in tapping these offshore gas reserves and the same way exploring stranded fields and vessels plus a number of floating storage regasification units. “Offshore activities in terms of floating natural gas liquefication and regasification vessel will offer great business opportunities to global oil and gas industry and those which needed FLNG converters for their organizations.”, Kaur pointed out.

“We picked Dubai as the event venue for the summit because of the increasing demand and the growing number of LNG projects globally and Dubai is the most accessible venue for the global energy marketplace. This will likewise address the challenge on the evidently high export cost in the Middle East and North Africa region. To date, this is the only conference that brings the most significant dialogue between government bodies, national & international oil companies, independent exploration & production companies, technology providers, service & consulting companies on the global dynamics of offshore LNG.” Kaur added, “Delegates will be exposed to in-depth insights of major domestic and international markets addressing the best strategies, approaches, techniques, technology, innovations as well as the current and future market of offshore LNG.”

For more information about the Global Offshore LNG Summit 2011, please visit the Summit website at or you may send your enquiries to Give us a call to reserve your place at the event: +65 6557 9166; Fax: +65 6557 9188.


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Great event! Global Offshore LNG is the emerging technology that O&G sector should be looking at and explore its big benefits.