Monday, March 07, 2011

Comprehensive Industrial Extractive Metallurgical Workshops

Mining, mineral and metallurgical industries have seen tremendous growth all over the globe. Extraction of metals applying various technologies, including physical separation, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, electrometallurgy and new ones from a wide range of complex raw materials generates a variety of tailings, effluents, generally classified as - wastes - and by products. Use of by-products and processing of wastes are rapidly gaining importance both on environmental concerns as well as for economic benefits.

NEOEDGE is bringing to you another of our premier course “Comprehensive Industrial Extractive Metallurgical Workshops” to be held in 2 locations:
Choice 1: Jakarta, Indonesia from 06 to 10 June 2011;
Choice 2: Johannesburg, South Africa from 13 to 17 June 2011

Comprehensive Extractive Metallurgical Workshops brings together processes for the production of metals and minerals from their different sources. The current practices and future challenges in extractive metallurgy are presented, with strong emphasis on the technical aspects of current practices. Professor Fathi will summarise general principles and practices involved in metallurgical extraction that are essential to metallurgists.

He will cover thermodynamic arguments used for extractive process description and development, and mass transfer processes. Information on resources of metals, their occurrences, trends in their utilisation, and resources processing are also included. There is also comprehensive coverage of pyrometallurgy. From an environmental viewpoint, he will also consider energy utilisation, pollution and recycling relevant to the metallurgical field.

It will be led by world-renowned Extractive Metallurgy Expert, Prof. Fathi Habashi, Professor Emeritus of Extractive Metallurgy at Laval University in Quebec City and President of Métallurgie Extractive Québec.

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