Monday, June 06, 2011

Press Release: The increasing role of Gas to Power from an African perspective

SINGAPORE, 06 June 2011 – Global warming or the recent favourite term “climate change” has always been a hot debatable topic. Almost everyone is trying to do something to contribute to a greener environment. The corporations are making it part of their business plans to be more environmentally friendly.

In the oil and gas context, more and more governments are studying the feasibility to switch to natural gas for their power generation.  This strong interest for Gas to Power is especially pertinent in Africa, where power generation is traditionally fuelled by hydro, diesel, coal or heavy fuel oils. However, it has never been a smooth road for power industry in Africa where the market is hungry for energy consumption yet the frustrations due to power outages are hindering their needs due to lack of supply and proper governance.

Mr Mohsin Seedat, Associate Director for Global Infrastructure and Projects Group of KPMG South Africa will be addressing the issue in Neoedge’s 2nd Annual Africa Gas and LNG Summit which will be held at the Radisson Blu Sandton Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr Seedat will be touching on these topics of Gas to Power in the Southern African context
§   The increasing role of gas to power over the next decade
§   What is required for investments in feasibility studies to translate into bankable projects
§   Exploring the divide - Gas pricing versus electricity tariffs
§   What shall differentiate future gas projects

Africa Gas and LNG Summit (AFGAS) is an annual summit series developed by Neoedge. 2011 will be the second year running.

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