Thursday, January 20, 2011

2nd Annual Africa Gas & LNG Summit 2011

Mastering the New Dynamics of Africa Gas & LNG Market Trends and Trade Movements with Relations to the Global Gas Market Today, an Up-to-Date Analysis.

“The only conference in Africa that comprehensively addresses all the critical developments with both gas and LNG markets – an interactive and significant dialogue between government bodies, regulators and decision makers!”

Neoedge is proud to announce the return of Africa Gas & LNG Summit for the year 2011. This summit comes after a successful roll out of Neoedge’s premier event in the year 2010 and has been one of Neoedge’s most sought after event. This year’s summit will feature expert speakers from the African and global gas & LNG market, exploring in-depth insights and analysis of the best strategies, approaches, opportunities, techniques and innovation to get you ahead of the game!

What was forecasted 2 years ago has changed significantly in the global dynamics of gas & LNG. Where does Africa fare in the LNG market today? Will Africa remain as the top players in the gas & LNG industry or how have the market changed since then? Has the emergence of unconventional gas in the African and global market changed how market trends and trade movements have been going these past years and how will it effect the future market? How do you promote the use of natural gas & encourage buyers to purchase these gases? What are the trends to distribute gas domestically and internationally? What are the updates in the African gas & LNG projects in particular Algeria, Nigeria, Angola as well as the Saharan-African projects? What is the role of the government in developing LNG countries? What are the pricing issues related to domestic and regional market, how do we go forward? What are the successes and challenges faced in the gas & LNG industry development? What do we look out for when assessing risk in new projects and what are the prospects for gas utilization and gas commercialisations? What are the considerations that need to be made when constructing key infrastructure projects for gas development to reach more revenue and more relations to mutually active companies? How do we manage communities and environmental issues arising from exploitation? What are the commercial terms & issues when it comes to gas exploration and production, and what to do and not do? What is the difference in terms of pricing and infrastructure when it comes to development onshore & offshore, what are the advantages & disadvantages? How’s best to negotiate successful gas production, supply, transportation and storage contracts? What are the issues faced in the gas sales agreement as well as the commercial, technical & security aspect of gas development? What are the key elements in project financing, how to evaluate potential returns? How about financing stranded gas reserves, what are the implications and risk of such financing? What are the best strategies in dealing with complications relating to spot and short term LNG trading? Will long term contracts further prevail in the market, or will spot trade get a dominant role? What is the importance of Force Majeure? How will Gas-To-Liquid technology influence the LNG market in the future? What are the new technological advancements and technical issues for new technologies? Where will Africa stand in the global and domestic gas & LNG market in the next 5 years?

Mark your calendar on the 20-21 July 2011 and come join us in Johannesburg to be amongst experts and like-minded people in the gas & LNG industry in which networking, sharing of business of ideas and exchanging of business relations will become inevitable. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get ahead of your competition and be apart of this most updated and exciting Africa Gas & LNG Summit!

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