Thursday, January 20, 2011

IFRS for Oil & Gas: Application of Key Standards & Update

The commercial and operational practices of the oil and gas industry pose unique challenges to accountants operating under the IFRS framework. These challenges include accounting for exploration and evaluation activities, joint venture arrangements and production sharing agreements, decommissioning costs, use of hedge accounting and the disclosure of reserves information.

NEOEDGE is bringing to you another of our premier course “IFRS for Oil & Gas, Application of Key Standards & Update” to be held in Singapore from 04 to 07 April 2011.

It will be led by world class IFRS expert, Mr Alan Mayo, who has 25 years professional experience and co-founded the client training business of PwC London.

This workshop focuses on those areas of most concern to the oil and gas industry. It highlights the approach to take when setting accounting policies in the absence of specific guidance within IFRS, looks at the issues in applying standards to oil and gas transactions and the accounting choices available to companies in the sector.
IFRS is constantly evolving, and the course is kept up to date with the latest Standards and Interpretations and includes sections that look at proposed and forthcoming developments.

Seats are limited! To secure your seats or for more information, call us today at +65 6557 9183 or email us at