Thursday, April 07, 2011

Press Release: Favouritism in the Workplace: When Preferential Opportunities and Recognition are Rampant

Very so often we hear about employees complaining not getting enough or proper training and recognition due to preferential opportunities given to a selected few. Most employers claim to be equal employers but yet these menial favouritism still exist on an unhealthy scale. Managers or decision makers of the companies fail to recognise the skill sets of other employees hence neglecting their development. Human Resources personnel can make a difference to soothe these rough edges. Skills development is a very important aspect any Human Resource practitioner cannot overlook. A good staff make do with appraisals and occasional on the job trainings, but a great staff needs to be nurtured and equipped with the best planned trainings that not only meet the department’s goals but ultimately brings out the best in the individual. Most organisations failed to see this difference, in fact, some even feel sending staff for trainings are a waste of money. While the gain is not immediate, the company can definitely reap the success in the long term.

Quoting Harrison and Kessels (2004), “Human Resource Development, as an organisational process, comprises the skillful planning and facilitation of a variety of formal and informal learning and knowledge processes and experiences, primarily but not exclusively in the workplace, in order that organisational progress and individual potential can be enhanced through the competence, adaptability, commitment and knowledge-creating activity of all who work in the organisation.”

Determined to make a positive change in the HR arena, Neoedge will be partnering with Mr Ian R Thompson, founder and Director of Leadership International Limited, to bring “Strategic Learning and Development Master Class” in Johannesburg, South Africa from 14 to 16 June 2011.

This program addresses the whole arena of human resource development to identify how learning professionals should be positioning themselves to be effective producers of business results. In addition to developing the skills of a learning professional, it looks to develop the policies and procedures required to ensure alignment of learning initiatives and interventions with the business requirements, the visible support of senior executives, delivering efficiency and effectiveness of the department, linking learning to measurable performance and broadening the department offerings beyond formal classroom training.

Existing and aspiring learning professionals whether in the public or private sector who seek to be influential in individual and organizational development should make time.

About Leadership International Limited

In the global game of business, there are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wondered what happened. Leadership identification and development ensures that an organisation attracts those who make things happen and then allows them to operate in an environment that encourages them to be the best they can be. We seek to unlock the potential of organisations through unlocking the talent of its people. We develop people strategies, assisting in the developing individuals and groups to maximise their performance, enhancing creativity and imagination, developing dialogue across organisations and providing leadership skills in abundance. All of this in service to maximising customer delight and company profitability.

The company is led by Ian R Thomson, an experienced business builder, learning consultant and leadership coach. He has operated in more than 30 countries across all continents and has worked with talented people in many industries.

About Neoedge

Neoedge is a business media company that aims to serve the corporate world with integrity and excellence by providing cutting edge business intelligences and creating high value networking opportunities.

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