Thursday, December 15, 2011

Event Announcement: Advanced Internal Control Concepts & Combined Assurance Applications


Expand and sustain an effective internal control framework 
by building upon your existing environment and related 
evaluation tools making them more relevant in today’s 
increasingly complex organizational  environment.
14 to 16 February 2012
JohannesburgSouth Africa

A strong internal control process in your organisation can be the result of effective use of resources and proper financial accountability. The challenge is to sustain this effectiveness in order to streamline the auditing process. It is important to optimise the assurance coverage obtained from management, internal assurance providers and external assurance providers on the risk areas affecting your organisation. Thus, thorough knowledge of COSO-based internal control concepts and combined assurance applications becomes vital.

Course Highlights:
  • Be able to perform risk-based audits using the most advanced techniques
  • Implement, or Improve COSO-based audit planning approaches
  • Explore factors of successful risk-based audit and its practical implications
  • Understand combined assurance risk based plan - Assurance providers
  • Learn to effectively measure adequacy of controls based on the findings in the combined assurance matrix.
  • Best practices on the final combined assurance report
  • Take home proven evaluation tools used in COSO-based audit process

Key Benefits
Are you confident in your skills to measure risks and monitor control dependencies? Can you measure adequacy of internal control and is your organization following best practices?

By attending this stand-alone 3 day’s workshop, you will learn to:
  • Obtain a high level working understanding of the concepts and applications of the COSO Internal Control - Integrated Framework and the COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Apply the concepts to a simulated case study to help solidify your understanding of control and ERM and to gain valuable insight from other participants
  • Expand the COSO models to support the concept of Combined Assurance, applying the models to support a summary combined assurance report
  • Explore practical solutions to support your combined assurance policies and methodologies
  • Develop a foundation for best practices for control and risk assessments and measuring adequate assurance coverage
  • Determine approaches to fill the assurance gaps and alleviate duplication as identified in the combined assurance process

Who Should Attend          
This course is designed for senior audit and compliance executives who want to initiate risk-based auditing and combined assurance in their organizations or improve their current internal control processes. It shall also benefit internal auditors and consultants who want to improve their skills in risk-based internal control approaches.

Chief, Director, GM, Manager, Head, Officer of:
• Internal Control    
• Operational Risk
• Internal Audit   
• Group Risk
• Compliance   
• Human Resource
• Risk    
• Administrative
• Finance

And all non-ļ¬nance staff seeking to enhance and improve their existing control environment.  

For Enquiries on the Agenda and Registration, please contact: Rilla Eas, Marketing Manager
Phone: +65 6557 9183