Friday, December 16, 2011

Event Announcement: Structuring Compliant Derivative Master Class


Integrating Conventional & Shariah Concept for Structured Product Offering
14 to 15 February 2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Modern Islamic finance remains in its infancy, having emerged only in the mid-1990s. Despite exceptional growth rates, Islamic finance is essentially devoid of derivatives products, in part due to doctrinal constraints and due in part to the infancy of the industry. In March of 2010, after years of effort, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM) released The 2010 Tahawwut Master Agreement for the standardized effectuation of certain swaps and derivative transactions that are compliant with the principles of Islamic Shariah.

Voluntary adoption of standards in the financial sector by Muslims countries is very underdeveloped and very often national practice takes precedence over the less well-established international organizations especially in the nascent Islamic finance space. In addition, in markets such as Malaysia, they have developed local Shariah-compliant hedging techniques including profit-rate and currency swaps quite some time ago.

Come and join us for a one-of-a-kind workshop, dealing with a new standard in Shariah finance. Bootstrap your organization ability to address a new market segment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

  • UNDERSTAND the Ta’Hawwut Master Agreement concept and issues surrounding it
  • EXPLORE Islamic Derivatives Instruments under Ta’Hawwut Master Agreement
  • ANALYZE the difference between Niyya and Intention in Hedging
  • GET the Basic Principle of Shariah Compliancy right
  • CAPTURE the Big IDEA in structuring your Shariah Compliant Derivatives Product
  • EXPLORE the Development of Shariah Compliant Derivatives Instruments
Key Benefits
The Islamic financial services industry, comprising Islamic banking, Islamic insurance (takaful) and the Islamic capital market, is an area that has grown to become an increasingly substantial segment within the global financial market and has gained considerable interest as a viable and efficient alternative model of financial intermediation. Growing awareness of and demand for investing in accordance with Shariah principles on a global scale have been the catalyst towards making the Islamic financial services industry a flourishing industry. This is also a reflection of the increasing wealth and capacity of investors, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to seek and invest in new investment products that serve their needs.

Faced with intense competition and changing customer demands, Islamic banks and financial institutions today have to incorporate innovative structured products to attract and retain customers. It is becoming more crucial for industry players to develop innovative Shariah-Compliant products and marketing capabilities to achieve business profitability and manage risk.

The Course Trainer will illustrate from his own personal experience that complex product structuring and pricing is simply not enough. There is no excuse for not having full command of the documentation to the transaction which can dominate the pricing.

The course leader will show how the initial conventional derivatives were created from their basic building blocks and draw lessons for Islamic products. He is in a position to discuss the ISDA Ta’Hawwut documentation having been involved in derivative documentations since before ISDA itself was created.

This highly interactive and progressive 2-day workshop that provides you with a unique opportunity to learn and discover from a corporate, retail and investment banker who comes with wealth of secular and Islamic credentials.

Who Should Attend          
This workshop is aimed at
·         Chief Financial Officers
·         Bank Marketing and Sales Directors
·         Shariah Advisors
·         Financial Engineers and Product Structurers
·         Asset and Liability Managers
·         Compliance and Audit Manager
·         Corporate treasurers
·         Corporate Lawyers
·         Central Bank Regulators
·         National Shariah Board

Senior Managers in Financial Institutions from the following departments:
·         Treasury
·         Islamic Finance
·         Derivatives
·         Investment Banking
·         Risk & Compliance
·         Legal

For Enquiries on the Agenda and Registration, please contact: Rilla Eas, Marketing Manager
Phone: +65 6557 9183