Friday, December 16, 2011

Event Announcement: Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) Master Class



A most comprehensive & up-to-date course on successful Production Sharing Contracts Management in the oil & gas industry
05 to 08 March 2012
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Effective training in today’s fast developing petroleum market is essential if relevant executives in both the public and private sectors are to create and implement the optimum regulatory and commercial environment for revenue and profit maximisation. Nowhere is this more important than in the development and negotiation of Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs), a critical part of global petroleum exploration, production and commercialization.

The purpose of a PSC is to facilitate the finding and commercialisation of deposits of oil and gas. However, production sharing is not the only regime used for that purpose, nor, within a production sharing regime, is the PSC the only instrument used; and, as with all such regimes, production sharing, and each individual PSC, exists within a historical, geopolitical and legal framework, and a global market, that informs its principles and its detailed implementation. It is imperative for relevant executives in both government and private sectors to understand the ever-changing impact of these forces on the PSC, and the PSC’s position and role among the many key factors needed for successful oil and gas commercialisation.

Key Benefits

Key issues to be addressed in depth:
  • Being updated of the latest development in Oil & Gas commercialization
  • Examining the relationship of PSC, concession, and other regimes in the right to explore and produce
  • Analysing the relationship of PSC to industry exploration & production agreement
  • Unitisation and its alternatives, and the peculiar problems of different fiscal, regulatory and administrative regimes, and their solutions
  • Analysing the relationship of PSC to construction and field service contracts – who really bears the risk of a wild well?
  • Analysing the relationship of PSC to industry transportation & sales agreement
  • Examining the PSC, IPPs and other downstream investments
  • Exploring the role of PSC in financing of commercialization
  • Investigating PSC, Resource Rent & Petroleum Economics
  • Underlying PSC as an administrative tools
  • Constructing PSC as an investment tool
  • Examining a PSC through case study

Who Should Attend          
All those involved in the Production Sharing Contract implementation:
• International & Government Negotiator
Corporate Planner
• Contract / Agreements Managers / Specialists
• E & P Professionals / Managers
Policy Analyst
Legal Advisors
• Business Development Managers
• Commercial Managers
• Finance Directors & Managers / Controllers / Auditors
Business & Accounting Analyst
Tax & Finance Advisors
• Operation Manager
Compliance Officers
• Projects Manager / Owners / Engineers
Loan Officers

Types of organizations
Government Bodies
• National Oil Corporation
International Oil Corporation
Independent Exploration & Production Companies
• Consultant firms
Logistic, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
• Technology/Engineering/Equipment firms/suppliers
• Investment banks / Investors / financiers / VC / Funds
Insurance / Risk management companies

For Enquiries on the Agenda and Registration, please contact: Rilla Eas, Marketing Manager
Phone: +65 6557 9183