Thursday, April 05, 2012

Event Announcement: Business Continuity Management Master Class


In 2011, we saw major disasters in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand. These earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hazardous incidents and other events caused widespread loss of life, devastating damage to property and facilities, severely impacted peoples livelihoods and resulted in significant financial losses to the countries involved. The many businesses, their key suppliers and their other stakeholders that were impacted by these disasters also suffered loss of personnel, damage to facilities and disruption to productivity. Such incidents severely affect an organizations economic stability and continued viability. Many businesses impacted by these disasters did not and will not survive.

This intensive & hands-on three day course, led by a regional expert will show you knowledge obtained first hand, on site business continuity instances. From natural disaster, man made, corporate outage and many more.

This workshop will utilise cases of recent natural disasters, and examine its implication to organisations business continuity management and preparedness.

What YOU will take away from this opportunity
  • Learn how to initiate and control the Business Continuity program
  • Understand options for Business Continuity and Contingency Strategies
  • Understand how an Incident can develop into a Crisis; And why many plans fail
  • Gain the latest techniques to make business recovery planning easier – use and take away checklists, questionnaires, models and templates of Business Continuity Plans
  • Discover how to develop effective methods for Plan Review, Audit, Exercise and maintenance
  • Benefit from hands-on exercises and examine real-life case studies - and their lessons
  • Learn about current standards including BS 25999, ANSI/ASIS SPC 1-2009, BS PD 25666, ISO 31000  and others
  • Discover how to implement global best practices in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Make structured progress through all stages of the BCM lifecycle with current and realistic scenario-based group exercises
  • Learn proven techniques to assess and reduce risk and impact

Business Continuity Management is vital to your businesses survivability in adverse situations. Protect your organization. Through good BCM practice you can protect your business your suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Be ready. Be Prepared. Be protected.

This course will be led by an expert with 36 years of extensive government and private sector experience at senior levels in areas of Emergency / Disaster Management, Contingency Planning, Training, Resilience and Media Interaction. He has the expertise in areas of emergency management and disaster risk reduction with a large number of organizations in both the public and private sectors (ports and airports, hospitals and medical agencies, banks and financial institutions, government departments/agencies, NGOs, schools, universities and training establishments, sporting venues, hotels, public transport providers and commercial companies). In recent years consulted on the HK Disney and the CLP/Exxon Mobile LNG terminal projects.

Registration is still open for the upcoming "Business Continuity Management Master Class" taking place in Singapore from 24 to 26 April 2012.

Kindly contact Rilla Eas at telephone +65 6557 9183 or via email: