Thursday, April 05, 2012

Event Announcement: Corporate Information Security Master Class

SINGAPORE | 21 TO 24 MAY 2012

Millions of messages, data files and transactions flow through business networks and across the Internet each day, collectively driving the world economy. Our dependence on this vast electronic infrastructure is unquestioned; certainly few businesses can survive without safe networks and reliable Internet access.

At the same time, companies are increasingly at risk from cyber attack. Malicious intruders can bring business to a halt, as in a distributed denial-of-service attack that renders a system temporarily inoperable; or they can create thornier problems, as when a hacker unleashes data-destroying code or downloads proprietary secrets. In addition, attacks are seldom isolated: a breakdown in one company can reverberate throughout an entire economic sector, disrupting the flow of vital goods and services to many end-users.

Most businesses understand that cyber security is critical to their operations. Unfortunately, the information assurance community has yet to develop the risk analysis tools needed to understand the economic complexities that influence companies’ security purchases. Deciding how much to spend on what level of protection depends on numerous variables, many of them poorly understood.

 Through This Course You Will
  • ANALYZE current issues surrounding Information Security today
  • UNDERSTAND mitigation technique for your organisation
  • BENCHMARK your organisation against best practices worldwide
  • BE AWARE of present and future threat to your Information
  • UNDERSTAND Cloud Security, Hacktivism, Social Engineering, Penetration Testing, and more
  • STRUCTURE your organisation capabilities against present day threat
  • REALIZE your organization capabilities to the fullest in meeting attack intelligently

About your trainer:
  • Consultant to 3 of the 4 armed services of the US Department of Defense, US Department of the Interior, US Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, Lehman Brothers, Sony, Estee Lauder, Viacom, and many more. 
  • Forged successful relationship and strategic partnership with Dell Computer, Verisign, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and EMC.
  • Practitioner, personality, and writer on current corporate and information security matter; he is closely followed within the industry.

Registration is still open for the upcoming "Corporate Information Security Master Class" taking place in Singapore from 21 to 24 May 2012.

Kindly contact Rilla Eas at telephone +65 6557 9183 or via email: