Thursday, April 05, 2012

Event Announcement: Mastering Advanced Financial Analysis for Financial Institutions

ACCRA, GHANA | 07 TO 10 MAY 2012

Develop critical knowledge and practical skills in the analysis of financial statements to make more informed credit and investment decisions. Led by a world-class practitioner and expert on IFRS, interpretation of financial reports and financial management, who has 30 years of experience in professional practice and consulting for leading organizations globally.

Reasons Why You Must Attend
  • Extremely practical workshop analysing real accounts produced under IFRS
  • Work in small groups to analyse financial statements
  • Understand and appreciate the more challenging accounting presentation and disclosures
  • Discuss how companies manipulate their results (both legally and illegally)
  • Discuss the warning signs in financial statements of dubious accounting practices
  • A full day spent on the case study review of a real set of IFRS financial statements of a mid-tier company
  • Increase productivity by learning and developing analysis models in Excel

Practical and Extensive Computer work will be conducted on Excel spreadsheets. Data from real IFRS accounts will be considered and created for precise analysis. The course will make use of Excel to conduct ratio analysis and model performance.

About your trainer:
He is an accounting and finance professional with thirty years’ experience. For the past twenty years he has specialised in consulting and the delivery of in-house and public financial training delivering programmes in IFRS, interpretation of financial reports and financial management.

Registration is still open for the upcoming "Mastering Advanced Financial Analysis for Financial Institutions" taking place in Accra, Ghana from 07 to 10 May 2012.

Kindly contact Rilla Eas at telephone +65 6557 9183 or via email: